Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you 20 fun activities to have with your children, especially during the holidays.  

Before planning or engaging in any activities there are some factors to put into consideration. First of all, make sure what you plan is age appropriate. For instance, most times you can’t have a toddler (1 – 3 years) doing the same thing as a school age child (6 – 12 years). You can ask older children what they are interested in learning or doing. Secondly, think of what you want to achieve with your child. So, in what areas do you want to see improvements? More outdoor activities can improve social skills, while indoor activities may improve the bond among siblings. Thirdly, plan a schedule that begins with wake up time till sleep time; don’t just allow your child to get away with living aimlessly simply because of the holidays, aim to intentional make this holiday useful and productive. Finally, decide whether your child enjoys screen time or not; how many hours a day, what kinds of program to watch, level of supervision. This is totally your decision to make.

Bear in mind that whatever activity planned during the holidays should aim at improving child and creating fun memories.  Holiday should also be a time of learning, but most importantly, a time for play and fun away from school activities.

1. Sewing lessons – children from ages 7 above can begin to learn basic sewing skills. I allow my 3 year old daughter play around while I sew, when she comes of age I will teach her some basics such as; hand sewing, sewing straight lines, and hemming garments.  This is not for everyone, but if you love to sew, this could be a good opportunity to buy a sewing machine and share what you love with the little ones.

2. Cooking lessons – there are so many recipes to try out with children. Teach them your family’s favorite recipe, and teach them how to make what they love to eat. When you run out of ideas, check the various recipes shared on this blog or get a copy of my e-cookbook and have fun with meal times. Remember though to observe strict supervision cooking with children, so that no one gets hurts with kitchen utensils or equipment.

3. Simple house chores – allow children to help with age appropriate house chores. Younger children can begin with arranging toys, older children can learn to wash dishes, dress the bed, and even wash clothes.   

4. Get a pet – having a pet creates a sense of responsibility with children. Get your children a puppy, or any pet the family agrees upon. Allow them to feed, bath, and take care of their pet.

5. Memory verse challenge – if you are a Christian, teach your children Bible memory verses. Simple ones like John 3:16, Joshua1:8, and Revelations 3:20. Use rewards and reinforcements to make sure they memorize these Bible verses.

6. Read a book (s) – when I was little, my mum used to have us read certain books of the Bible like Esther and Daniel, then she would ask us to tell her what we learnt after reading. You can do same with other story books as well. Also, read them a story and ask questions afterwards.

7. Holiday class – so many organization and institutions these days plan holiday classes for children. Look for the ones that interest you and get your children involved to learn ballet, dance, photography, music, painting, or whatever you desire.

8. Play date with friends – take children over to their friends’ houses to spend time together and play, also allow their friends come to your house. Let them play together, but also under strict supervision by a responsible adult.

9. Office work – older children can work as interns in offices. Call in a few favors, if you can, and get them busy. This is an opportunity for them to learn basic paper work, work ethics, as well as earn little money.  

10. Sports – since there is no school now, use this holidays for sports such as; football, basketball, and tennis. Let the children have fun playing with each other, and while they play you have time for yourself. I fondly remember my brothers and I playing football outside while growing up, create loving memories for your children.

11. Bicycle rides– Children usually enjoy riding their bicycles. Let them ride bicycle together, and even plan competitions for them. If your neighborhood is safe, take them for bicycle rides out on the streets.

12. Indoor games – plan simple indoor games like stacking of cups/ objects. Have older children play word games, or even engage in debates on trending topics. Do this especially if you have concerns with outdoor activities.

13. Outdoor games – children love playing outside; hide and seek, jumping on the trampoline and getting dirty. Teach them to make a kite, and fly the kite outside. I loved this play as a child. If you don’t know how to make a kite, leave me a comment below and I’ll gladly show you how.

14. Family visits/ vacation – apart from going to play with friends, you can take children to visit family members. Spend time with uncles, aunties and other relatives. Plan a family trip to another state to visit their grandparents. If you can afford it, go on a family vacation to another country.

15. Dancing competitions – my daughter loves to dance, so this holidays there will be lots of dancing. Gather them around, play their favorite songs and have them compete among themselves.

16. Movie making – when I was growing up, my brothers and I used to act drama with other children in the neighborhood. Children can act out any story they like, and make sure to record it with a good camera. I’m sure they will have fun dressing up and acting. Safely keep all their ‘movies’, you all will have fun watching when they become adults.

17. Take a walk– find the right time to take a stroll around your safe neighborhood. Children can bring along their pets on these walks, but be careful with moving vehicles and reckless drivers on the roads.

18. Visit library/ bookstore – to promote a healthy reading habit, make sure your children are in the right places. Take them to the library. If the library where you stay is not functional, take them to the bookshop and allow them pick the books they want, then make sure they read it.

19. Picnics/ family outings– plan picnics with the children, take them out to play in parks and eat delicious meals. Take a visit to your local museums and parks. I’m aware of the pathetic state of such places here in Nigeria; but don’t worry, even if the zoo has very few hungry looking animals, your children will still have fun going out.

20. Movie dates – go out with the children for movie dates, and watch some interesting cartoons or children’s movies. Better still, choose certain days to watch movies at home with the entire family. If you have older children, let them go out with a group of friends to watch movies in the cinemas.

There you have it, 20 fun activities to keep your children busy this holidays. Which one of these will you be doing? Which are you already doing? Kindly share with me other fun activities that I haven’t thought of, I too will love to know what other families are doing for fun.

Have a great time with your children these holidays, make sure to create fond memories as well as lots of fun. God bless you, cheers!

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