About Me

Hi! My name is Nanko Awe. I started blogging in 2010 when I was an undergraduate. It was just the cool thing to do then because most of my classmates were blogging. I mostly used to write about; my life and what I wanted for the future, how much I hated school and I couldn’t wait to graduate and return home to my country Nigeria. However, when I got to final year, the workload increased and I couldn’t keep up. Years later; I graduated, went on to complete my Masters, and got married. I had a baby and was out of work, then I had the opportunity to go back to blogging and writing.

I was excited because I now had the time to stay at home, do all the fun things I’ve always dreamt about, and of course spend quality time with my baby. At that time, I decided to get a sewing machine. I’ve always wanted to sew. When I was a student, I loved shopping. I would go out with my best friend and sometimes spend the whole day in the malls, but it was almost impossible to find clothes that were perfect for me. There was always something wrong with all the clothes and I used to say “I wish I can sew my own clothes…..” The chance finally came. So, I got a sewing machine, and taught myself how to sew; I’m still an amateur though!

I  love to cook. I am a DIY (Do It Yourself) freak; despite the fact that I know I can’t do everything, I always love to try. After all, there’s no harm in trial, right? I also watch lots of movies and series.

Finally, I have my time to blog, sew, cook, read, dance, watch movies and do all the fun things I love. The things I blog about are what I enjoy doing, and my life as a housewife living in Nigeria.

I am a lover of Jesus Christ, a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur.

#JesusisLord #NankoAwe #Ilovemylife


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