Easy Ankara Pencil Case Tutorial

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Thank God for seeing us all through last year, and keeping us to see this wonderful year 2019. The joyful holidays are already over, and our children will be going back to school next week. So, my first tutorial for this year is another back to school project, a pencil case.

I already have a detailed tutorial on how to make a pencil case, in case you don’t understand the first few steps here; please refer to the previous post. However, this one is slightly different; the steps and shape of the case or pouch. I particularly love this one because it tends to have more space for additional pencils or pens. This pouch could also serve as a mini makeup bag, or just a pouch you keep in your handbag to store keys, change, and other accessories.

All you need is your choice of fabric, a zipper, and interfacing. I used Ankara (my favorite fabric ever) and iron-on interfacing, what we call “stay” here in Nigeria. You can use a foam interfacing, the same one I used to make a travel eye mask, if you want the finished product to have a firmer and sturdier look. I made this Ankara pencil case for my daughter who is a toddler, if you want a bigger size, you can add a few inches when cutting out the fabric. Now, get your materials ready, and let’s get started!


Materials for making a pencil case

  • Fabric for inner and outer pieces
  • Interfacing (popularly called “stay” here in Nigeria)
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Zipper


Steps for making ankara pencil case

1.Cut out two pieces of fabric, 9.25 inches by 8.25 inches. Cut interfacing the interfacing same size.

2. Sandwich all three pieces together; with interfacing in the middle of both inner and outer piece (if you are using interfacing with glue, then iron on the side with glue onto the wrong side of outer piece).

3. Sew the raw edges of all three fabrics together with a zigzag stitch (or interlocking machine/ Serger, if you have one). You should now end up with one piece of fabric sewn together.

4. Place fabric with right side facing up and zipper facing down, on the 8.25 inches side. Repeat same on the other side of fabric. Now iron zipper flat to the middle of pencil case.

5. Draw a 2 cm by 2 cm square on the corners of pencil case.

Iron zipper to the middle

6. Trim and open zipper halfway, then sew the edges of pencil case. Using a 0.25 inch seam allowance (if you sew edges with zipper closed, it may be impossible to turn pencil case right side out)Trim zipper and sew edges closed

7. Cut out the square lines on the corners, pin the raw edges together and sew in place. Repeat same step on all four corners.Sew corners closed

8. Turn right side out, and voila!


Your ankara pencil case is now ready to use. Make this for your children or relatives today; I’m sure they’ll be proud to show their handmade pencil case to friends and classmates. Hope this tutorial was straightforward? Let me know if you need further clarification. I’ll also be glad to learn other methods of making a pencil case. Kindly leave me a comment below. Another cool back to school tutorial you can try is this personalized name stickers. Finally, if you’re new to my blog, don’t forget to subscribe now for free to receive notification about new posts.

This year 2019 I pray that; the desires of our hearts will be granted, and all our efforts will be crowned with blessings and unimaginable success by the grace of God almighty! Have a wonderful year, and God bless you. Happy New Year!




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