How to make a peplum pattern.

Making and sewing a peplum is actually easier than you could have ever imagined. Whether you are adding it to a dress or a blouse, as long asv you get the pattern right and cut the fabric, your peplum will turn out great. So today, I want to share with you how to make a basic peplum pattern. There are so many variations of the peplum such as; the high and low peplum, pleated peplum, layered peplum among so many other designs. You can always work your way around this basic pattern to achieve any variation you desire.

This pattern is very easy to make and takes just about 10-15 minutes. For this project you’ll need;

  1. Paper (old newspapers or calendar)
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Marker or highlighter
  4. Scissors


  1. You need to take two measurements. First measure around your waist; I like to place the measuring tape around my belly button. Divide whatever you get by 6.28. Imagine that your waist is a circle and you’re trying to find the radius of the circle. Remember the formula for that? Circumference divided by 2pi, and pi is 3.14. The radius of your waist, is your waist measurement divided by 6.28. Hope I explained it well, if not, don’t let it overwhelm you, just divide your measurement by 6.28 and you’ll be fine.
  2. Now take a second measurement of the length you desire for the peplum. Starting from belly button down to where you want it to stop. Add one inch to the length for seam allowance.
    • For example:
      • Measurement 1- if waist is 30, then 30/6.28 = 5.
      •  Measurement 2- if desired length is 7, then 7+5= 12.                                      
  3. Place your paper flat. Choose one corner of the paper, measure 5inches from both the horizontal and vertical sides and mark it. Do this also for the centre and mark it about two or three times. Connect all your marks to form an arc.
  4. Repeat same procedure for measurement 2. Cut along the lines, and you have your peplum pattern!
  5. Write FOLD on both sides so you remember to fold fabric before placing pattern.


Now that you have your pattern set, let me show you how to use it in two different methods.

Method 1 

  1. Fold your fabric into half, Place your pattern on the folded side of the fabric. On the other side that is not folded, leave about 1inch.
  2. Pin pattern to fabric, or hold in place with heavy object. Carefully cut out fabric.
  3. Repeat step 1 again, this time cut the pattern out exactly without the extra one inch.
  4. You should end up with two pieces, one slightly longer than the other. This method works perfectly for me when I’m attaching the peplum to the bodice with a zipper. The extra one inch allows me to easily add in the zipper.



Method 2

  1. Fold fabric into half, then into another half. This will create a fold on two sides on the fabric.
  2. Place pattern on both sides where the fold is, and cut
  3. Open the fabric, and you should have one large piece. This method is best when attaching peplum to an already finished bodice without zipper.



Now,  that’s how easy it is to make and cut a peplum pattern. I hope this tutorial was helpful? In my next post, I intend to attach this peplum to a bodice and sew a blouse.

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God bless you!


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