How to Use Flash cards for Toddlers (plus free flash cards download)

Hello everyone! Today, I want to share my knowledge on how to use flash cards for toddlers.

A flashcard is a card that contains information used for teaching; the information can be on one side or both sides of the card. It is a good form of encouraging memorization especially among toddlers and children. Education is very important, and the use of flash cards early helps to prepare the child for starting school.

In other words, flash cards can be used to effectively teach any subject of choice in the comfort of your home, and they are easy to carry around wherever you go.

How to use flash cards for toddlers

1.Create a routine for continuous learning with flashcards, preferably 3 – 5 times weekly; this is because having a routine and following it strictly will ensure child becomes familiar with the learning process. 

2. Select a location without distraction; such as toys, music etc.

3. Choose a perfect time when the child’s concentration is at its peak; make sure child is well fed and has had enough sleep. Also do not take too long, 3 -5 minutes should be enough time.

4. Get a comfortable sitting position for yourself and child (for instance, we like to sit on the floor with Debby facing me).

5. Hold flash cards in front of you with right side facing child; show flash cards rapidly one after the other, because the faster you show flashcard, the faster child will learn.

6. Always maintain eye contact with child.

7. Repeat each alphabet/word about 4 to 5 times; repeating words for child to mimic is a natural form of learning for children.

8. Use lots of praise and encouragement; encourage child to repeat after you, and praise whenever child answers correctly.

9. Use cards frequently till child masters information.

10. Be enthusiastic with every learning session; smile a lot, and try not use flash cards when in a bad mood.

So, wondering where to get flashcards? You can simply buy at bookshops, or click here to order from Jumia if you live in Nigeria. You can create them yourself by cutting pictures from magazines, calendars, or drawing the images/words if you’re very artistic.

Better still, download my free alphabet phonics flash cards and two letter words flash cards. After downloading; then use a scissors or blade to cut across the lines, laminate them so they last longer, and go ahead to begin teaching child.

Hope all of these were helpful? In addition to all this, feel free to share other valuable information with me about using flashcards for toddlers, or share your experience teaching with flashcards. Finally, have fun teaching your child, and God bless you. Cheers!

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