Nigerian Breakfast Recipes Cookbook


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Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day; this Nigerian breakfast recipes cookbook contains a collection of 20 easy yet mouthwatering breakfast recipes.

I hope you enjoy this cook book!



Hi there! I am Nanko Awe; a Nigerian homemaker and writer. This is my cookbook!

I love to cook, and come up with new exciting recipes for my family and loved ones. I believe that everyone can be a good cook, which is why I am sharing some of my recipes.

This cookbook contains a collection of 20 breakfast recipes. The recipes shared here, and on my blog are easy to prepare yet very delicious. Ingredients used can be found in our local Nigerian markets, and African stores if you live outside Nigeria.

My family keeps enjoying these recipes, and this is my way of cooking; however, feel free to make changes to suit you. Take out any of the ingredients you don’t like or add what you desire, use whatever ingredients you have in the house and enjoy good breakfast.

I hope you enjoy this cook book!

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