Women of the Bible II; Sarah (mother of all nations).

The Holy Bible is filled with women demonstrating various attributes; love, patience, wisdom, hardwork, and even disobedience to God among so many others. There is so much to learn from the lives of the Bible women, seeing how they interacted with their families and loved ones. This is the second part of a series I started about a month ago with the first woman mentioned in the Bible, Eve (click here to read about Eve).

Sarah was first mentioned in the book of Genesis 1:29 as Sarai, Abram’s wife before the covenant in Genesis 17 where God changed their names to Sarah and Abraham. Sarah rose from a barren woman (Gen 11:30) to become the mother of nations. How? Permit me to share with you three (3) points I’ve learnt from my study of this great woman.

Sarah obeyed God following her husband’s footsteps. She did not argue with him concerning God’s commands. She followed him wherever he went, and did as instructed. God has promised to bless everyone who obeys His commandments, numerous blessings as outlined in Deutronomy 28.


Sarah was humble. Sarah was a very beautiful woman (Gen 12:11-14), her husband was also very rich (Gen 13:2) yet throughout the Bible we never read of a place where she allowed this get to her or even influence her actions. Thus, if you are beautiful, handsome, or even rich, learn to be humble. Whatever you think you have, God gave it to you, and He, the almighty can take it away at any time. May God give us the grace to remain humble everyday of our lives in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


Sarah was favored by God. God chose her to be the mother of all nations. This is purely God’s favor at work, because she was old and passed child bearing age. She even started to doubt God’s promises (Gen 18). Then there was that incidence with her maid Hagar (Gen 16, 21) yet God said in Genesis 17:16 “…and I will bless her, and give thee a son also of her:yea, I will bless her, and she shall be a mother of nations; kings of people shall be of her.” Since I discovered this, one of my daily prayer points is to ask God to favor me. To look beyond my imperfections, show me His mercy, and bless me.


To conclude; Sarah was obedient to God’s commands, she was humble, and despite her shortcomings God chose to favor her. She lived well and died at a full old age of 127 year (Gen 23:1). May God give us the grace to adapt the good attributes of Sarah. To above all, live lives that will bring glory and honor to God’s name.

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God bless you!



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